Real sizes, for real women.

We don’t use XS. We don’t use L. We know that feeling. It’s meant to be a treat. So we won’t use labels that make us doubt our body’s beauty. Because every body is beautiful.

So instead, we define our sizes as:

Petite – UK size 4-6

Small – UK size 8-10

Medium – UK size 12-14

Curve – UK size 16-18 (coming soon)

And we’re feeders, so we’ve factored in extra space for those days where you do need an elasticated waistband!

We all know how disappointing it is for clothing not to reflect the size you are – especially when shopping online – so our sizes are what you would expect them to be. We don’t skimp on fabric to cut costs, so they’re generous enough for movement and lounging in. We modelled all our samples on real women to make sure.

Sizes available Petite // Small // Medium // (Curve is coming soon)