Drop the ‘L’ bomb this Valentine’s Day…

Making bedtime iconic starts with creating the ultimate bath experience. Enhance yours with our new ‘Love bomb bath bombs’.

Made with natural ingredients, these bath bombs will help you to relax and unwind, ready to slip into your Luna’s for the most heavenly evening.

We packed these generously with lavender, which is scientifically proven to aid sleep, along with coconut oil, which helps melt the day away and gently moisturises your skin (leaving no sticky residues!).

Perfecting our recipe took time as we insisted on making sure our bath bombs include Epsom salts too help relax muscles, which means no need for essential oils or additional salts.

Our bath bombs come beautifully gift wrapped as standard.

Making bedtime iconic…

We believe in making bedtime iconic. We’re working on a range of products this year to do just that…

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